Federico II Museum

The Museum Federico II Stupor Mundi, opened on 1st July 2017, wants to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Frederick II, the Holy Roman Emperor.

The museum brings the visitor on an historical journey, following Fredrick II in his exploits. The narration is highly interactive and innovative, thanks to the application of experiential technologies that turn the Emperor’s adventures and places into an immersive experience for the visitor.

RnB4Culture contributes to the enhancement of the cultural heritage of the territory, in cooperation with local authorities (Marche Region, Municipalities and Universities), with the aim to create new ways of managing and promoting this legacy.

The Museum Federico II Stupor Mundi also promotes projects in cooperation with other museums and schools for students of every age, nationally and internationally.
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M9 Museum

M9 is the new generation museum that tells the story of the Italian 20th century as we have never seen it before. Through advanced technologies and immersive installations, M9 explores the changes that took place in our country during the 20th century, starting from everyday life up to the great economic, technological, political, social and cultural revolutions that have indisputably made us what we are today.

Located in the center of Mestre (Venice), M9 - Museo del '900 is the nerve center of M9 District, the most important urban regeneration project in the Metropolitan Area of Venice, signed by the architect Sauerbruch Hutton and funded by Fondazione Venezia. If on the one hand the volumes and the chromatic textures of M9 blend into the urban fabric, on the other hand the structural and plant engineering solutions adopted define the environmental and energy sustainability of the entire M9 district.

RnB4Culture is positioned within this exceptional context as a provider of innovative services for museum and neighborhood management.

From the welcoming services for the public in the museum, to the direct activity with the public as a mediator of the contents of the museum, up to the management of energy systems and technological service, RnB4Culture works synergistically with Fondazione Venezia and M9 District for the efficient functioning of the museum services.

Brera Astronomical Museum

Thanks to a collaboration with RnB4Culture, the MusAB - Museo Astronomico di Brera will be open to the public on an ongoing basis. The MusAB thus joins the museums already managed by RnB4Culture both in the city of Milan and in other Italian regions, to which the team provides innovative services and technologies. The public will have the opportunity to visit a museum that is unique on the national scene: an extraordinary place of intersection between science and history, which through the Gallery of Instruments and the Schiaparelli Dome highlights the unexpected links that the astronomer's profession has with the territory, history and culture. The gallery, recently renovated in terms of content and layout, aims to answer the question "What does an astronomer do?" through an itinerary of audiovisual insights and instruments used by astronomers over 250 years of history. Augmented Reality (AR) technologies enrich the route and allow visitors, both young and old, to see the instrument gallery in a totally new way, taking advantage of content that would otherwise not be reproducible.


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As part of the Milan Design Week 2024, at Brera Astronomical Museum, RnB4Culture collaborated with the artist Luca Ballestra and the Creative Director VonNight on the project "I Want the Moon".
Luca Ballestra, materic painter & 3D artist, together with Vonnight, has elaborated the theme of the MDW "MATTER NATURE" with the work "I Want the Moon" that pushes to reflect on the deep bond of man with nature and the universe that surrounds us, exploring the materiality of the lunar surface in a place dedicated to the observation of space. "I Want the Moon" is more than just an art installation: it is a philosophy, but also an invitation to experience the emotion of touching the Moon with a finger and be inspired by its timeless beauty. Through colors and materials, Luca Ballestra captures the essence of the true and multiple shades of the moon. The project adapts and integrates with the Museum, managed by RnB4Culture, to take a journey through space and masterfully combine matter, technology and nature in a fascinating vision.


EMMA - Electronic Museum Management & Analytics

Emma - Electronic Museum Management & Analytics is a 360° museum management system. The main purpose of Emma is to optimize the experience of managing museum activities through a single flexible and modular system. The platform offers a series of web-based services, accessible from the desktop, and is integrated with a mobile app that, through the scanning and recognition of barcodes, makes the processes of sale and cataloging easier and faster, as well as allowing a parallel and dislocated use of services.

The modularity and scalability of the software allows to offer a customizable and adaptable service to cultural realities of all sizes and degrees, supporting them in the process of automation, simplification and optimization of processes. Among the functionalities of Emma, each of which can be individually added or removed according to the needs of the museum each time the plan is reactivated, there are the physical ticketing service, usable both via web interface and mobile app, designed to facilitate the sale of tickets and items on site by museum operators; the module dedicated to the management of the cataloging of items for sale at the bookshop, also usable both via web and mobile and designed as a tool for recording orders and purchases made by the museum to suppliers and for consulting the inventory, with real-time updates; the service for creating and administering events, which can be integrated with the Facebook page of the museum; the booking service, with a control panel dedicated to operators; the online booking service, with an interface for visitors; the module for the management of shifts and personnel; the administration section of the online ticket office which, combined with the interface dedicated to visitors and customers, allows the museum to sell tickets and items via web; the data analysis & visualization service, which can be integrated and expanded with an innovative tracking system of visitors inside the museum; the "museum network" module, which allows the shared management of sales and admissions by several museums belonging to the same network, providing everyone with up-to-date reports and stocks.

Different in kind and relevance are the innovative aspects of the Emma project. Designed to make technological innovation available to museums of any size and order of turnover, the first innovative element compared to existing systems lies in the accessibility of the cost of the package of services that can be purchased, modular according to the specific needs of the museum and customizable over time. The sales format will be that of subscription services, and the composition and subscription to the service package will be renewable quarterly. As a single platform able to offer multiple integrated services, Emma will relieve museums from the management of relationships with different suppliers and will free them from the imposition of adopting selected hardware, allowing the use of its services through any desktop computer and mobile device already in their possession. In addition to the functionalities strictly related to the management, Emma provides the integration of an innovative tracking system of the visitor inside the museum, by means of tags which, communicating through UWB technology with anchors placed inside the museum, allow the continuous localization of the visitor and the consequent collection of data relating to the visit experience, as well as the reporting of non-compliance with the distance, if required by the regulations in force. Finally, the flexibility of the system will allow the developers to expand over time and continuously improve the Emma offering with new modules, in response to new problems and requirements collected from users.

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Touristic and cultural itineraries

RnB4Culture, in line with its mission to support culture, promotes the creation of touristic itineraries that allow for the discovery of the local landscapes and historic heritage. At present, we are working on two different itineraries, the “Via degli Hohenstaufen” and “Cammina Marche”.

The via degli Hohenstaufen brings the visitor along the many pathways of the great Hohenstaufen house. The main figures are Frederick I, known as Barbarossa, and Frederick II, the Stupor Mundi. They changed the course of history with their incredible feats, extending their influence across Europe and the Middle East. Because of this, the itineraries are many and different, going from the retelling of the crusades in the Holy Land to the exploration of southern Italy and its many castles. One map that contains many itineraries, allowing the traveller to be immersed in another era, reliving History through adventures, architectures, and much more.

Cammina Marche” was designed to encourage slow tourism in the many hidden gems rich in culture, traditions and natural wonders that can be found in the Marche region. The itineraries follow two main themes, the sea, along the Adriatic coast, and the hilly hinterland. RnB4Culture wants to offer to everyone the opportunity to enjoy the stunning local landscape and discover the religious and historic landmarks, by foot or by bike. Visitors of every age are continuously amazed by the beauty and variety of the region.

“CamminAdria” is the natural extension of the project with the creation of a path linking cultural and innovation sites of Veneto and Friuli managed by the company. These include the M9 Museum in Venice, a museum of international importance for its work of rediscovery and ethnographic enhancement of the Italian territory, and the Urban Center in Trieste. The Veneto-Friulian route also has as its focal point the landscape that is a theme of artistic prominence for its unique peculiarities.

The entire route from Otranto to Trieste has more than 1100km of which the team has has already covered 300km, the others are all to discover together!

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CRImove is one of the 5 best projects shortlisted in the “Ecapital Emergency” initiative, born to promote ideas that could help create solution to the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The special call for “Antvirus Idea” was promoted by Fondazione Marche, supported by the Marche Chamber of Commerce, the Marche Region, the Polytechnic University of Marche, ISTAO, Confindustria Marche, and Creval.

The software is designed for the Croce Rossa Italiana (CRI, Italian Red Cross), to manage the service requests that the organization offers to the community. These include the purchase and delivery of basic commodities, medications and products for people that are unable to leave the house or in need of assistance. The system is divided between a control panel, managed by an officer at the computer of the local Red Cross, and a native android and iOS mobile app for the volunteers.The software allows to orderly manage the collection of requests from the community, the allocation of resources (transport, people, and money), and to optimize journeys and tasks. It also allows for an easier accounting and archiving of past activities.

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RnB4Culture wants to contribute to digitise the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia, to make it more easily available and to allow the nation to place itself in the international touristic promotion landscape. Armenia, one of the cradles of civilization, has an ancient and complex past, that today intrigues its visitors with a dynamic and rich cultural offer. Although the country remains uncharted territory for most foreign travellers, it amazes those who visit for its history and breathtaking landscapes studded with ancient monuments.

RnB4Culture applies innovative technologies to spring forward the country’s competitivity both in the tourism market and in the international placement of its businesses.


RnB4Culture Award

RnB4Culture collaborates with ISSNAF (Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation) and the Italian Embassy in the United States in order to promote Italian culture and heritage abroad with an innovative and technological approach (art-teck tools).

In December 2021, during the ISSNAF Annual Event, the President of the ISSNAF, Claudio Fogu (University of California Santa Barbara), presented the ISSNAF Award for the first time.

In December 2021, during the ISSNAF Annual Event, the President of the Award, Claudio Fogu (University of California Santa Barbara), presented for the first time the RnB4Culture Award to Giulia Ricos, assistant professor of Italian at the University of Michigan, for her research project entitled "San Paolo San Paolo, a transnational approach to Italian studies". The awarded research enhances the study and diffusion of the Italian language from a transnational perspective.

The RnB4Culture Award 2022 was presented in the presence of Beppe Severgnini to Professor Camilla Hawthorne for her studies on the African diaspora in Italy, excellently described in the book "Contesting Race and Citizenship, Youth Politics in the Black Mediterranean".



“EuArchitetture” (beautiful architectures) is a project that allows us to apply the most innovative sensors and AI technologies to culture and personal wellbeing. We utilize extremely precise tracing systems and advanced experience sensors to evaluate three key parameters: space usage, people’s experiences, and the effective organization of structures and fluxes. These sophisticated technologies can be applied both in cultural environments, to create the most tailored experience possible, and in workplaces and teaching spaces, to improve the quality of the experience and productivity. These tools can also be applied to holiday destinations, to transform them into realities that take care of their guests, offering complete control and optimization of environmental and health parameters.



Ad hoc thematic exhibitions to dive into past, present, and future aspects of culture, history, nature and life.

The exhibition “I giochi della mente – dal Medioevo a oggi”, (Games for the mind – from the Middle ages to the present day) was designed by RnB4Culture for the official reopening of the museum Federico II Stupor Mundi in Jesi. The display will follow the social role that games have had through history, presenting the main aspects of what makes a game, as well as the relationship with different sciences and various cultural contexts. Artifacts and digital contents enrich this exhibit; in the same way, interactive labs and sessions with experts will bring the theme to life in the weeks following the inauguration.
The exhibition “Wandtafeln - la didattica botanica ottocentesca: le tavole parietali dell’Università degli Studi di Milano” was curated by RnB4Culture together with the University of Milan at the Federico II Museum. The exhibition included the display of a rich selection of lithographs from the heritage of wall panels kept in the Herbarium Universitatis Mediolanensis of the University of Milan accompanied by historical insights on the authors and context.

Network Civic Museums Cremona

The Museum System of the City of Cremona Museum includes in its list of civic museums the Natural History Museum and the Museum of the Peasant Society, two historical realities that base their identity on very current issues: the respect for our ecosystem and for biodiversity, and the direct relationship with the local community.

RnB4Culture is the spokesperson of these values by mission, which is why it has undertaken an active dialogue with these institutions, in order to define an innovative strategy of museum promotion. Also in this case, RnB has made available its internal resources (services and products) to initiate a phase of cultural planning whose focus is to revitalize two places of culture rich in testimonies of man, which have much to say.

Cultural Innovation Center Dolo

Within the eighteenth-century spaces of the villa Tamè of Dolo, we are experimenting a new management model in collaboration with the Municipality of Dolo. Thanks to a shared design process we have recently inaugurated a restoration campaign of the historic environments that will allow to reopen the villa after years of closure and abandonment.

The first operations revealed new decorative details that will soon be visible in the new cultural hub of the Riviera del Brenta, where there will be a 0-99 Educational department, set up with an innovative and multimedia path, a co-working for creatives and a bistro. Exhibition and conference spaces will also be available on request.
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Università degli Studi di Milano

Rnb4culture was the winner of the Emma-Herbarium Project, in partnership with the Erbario, Orto Botanico Città Studi, Orto Botanico di Brera - Università degli Studi di Milano, as part of InnovaMusei, an initiative aimed at contributing to the growth and innovation of the cultural sector for museum institutions recognized by the Lombardy Region and supported by the Lombardy Region, Unioncamere Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo, in collaboration with Cariplo Factory.

The Project consists of a system of useful actions to enhance the enhancement of the historical-scientific heritage of the two Milan State University gardens already in place for a few years and includes the development of an App and the creation of images and videos of various types (aerial drone shots, time-lapse, promotional videos and short documentaries) to enrich the archives of the two museums and interaction with visitors. The historical-scientific assets (herbarium, wall plates, xylotheques), living heritage and know-how of the two botanical gardens is thus at the center of a complex of interventions that promotes their knowledge and public enjoyment, highlighting the peculiar structure of the two gardens, one contemporary and one historical.

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Alveare Culturale in Fabbrica del Vapore

RnB4culture manages in Fabbrica del Vapore Alveare Culturale, where it organizes exhibitions and coordinates for the City of Milan all the events of the Vapore d'estate and Vapore d'inverno festival.

Alveare Culturale is a center, a hub, where different innovative cultural realities contaminate each other every day. Contemporary art exhibitions, events, lectures, workshops and music join everyday Milanese life.